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As internet use by children and teenagers increases, so do concerns about their online safety. BEWARE is designed to raise awareness among youths about potential dangers online, whilst equipping them with the knowledge and power to protect themselves.

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Initiatives will reach young people, youth workers and other EU citizens to become empowered and responsible digital users. The online-safety messages most young users are receiving are still based around a singular concept which focuses largely on adult-to-child crime, rather than on what the growing bodies of both Net-safety and social media research have found.

We also want to target the peer-to-peer part of online safety which is increasingly fostering harassment and cyberbullying, as well as the growing threat of information and identity theft. Net safety needs to respect youth ideals, embrace the technologies they love, use social media in the instruction process, and address the positive reasons for safe use of social technology.

BEWARE - THE END (Scary Driving Game)

We intend to focus on safety for positive outcomes, rather than safety from bad ones. Each parnter has extensive super powers in a sepecific sector relating to the projects needs including — education, research, information technology, web development and e-learning.

Beware the risks of US investment visa schemes

To be careful: look out , mind , watch out. Idioms: be on guard , be on the lookout, keep an eye peeled , take care. He told them to beware. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Beware my Laura she would often say Beware of the insipid Vanities and idle Dissipations of the Metropolis of England; Beware of the unmeaning Luxuries of Bath and of the stinking fish of Southampton.

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View in context. Beware , oh, beware the perils of international arbitration View in context.

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There is no need to beware of baby-cabs and wheelbarrows; but automobiles are dangerous things. Larry D.

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Benson Oxford: Oxford University Press, You can read more about the project on its blog or BewareCat. Skip to content.

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  6. Listening to warning bells in Beware the Cat. St Botolphs Church. Posted in Uncategorized.

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