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Smart homes are going mainstream, but 'The Jetsons' era isn't quite here yet

I also foresee artificial intelligence and machine learning assisting with some of the more time-consuming tasks of operations, giving workers more resources to allocate toward core business objectives. In addition, the use of smart monitoring technologies to alleviate cumbersome tasks such as IT disaster recovery testing and security scanning could, in essence, also help to eliminate one of the top causes of digital downtime: IT equipment failures.

Imagine a unified communications environment where you could virtually connect with co-workers across the globe using the latest video conferencing equipment. Imagine not needing to manually enter information into cluttered Excel sheets anymore.

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Likewise, businesses will need to take a strategic approach toward any technology adoption, asking if the solution, service or appliance will fulfill the needs of customers and contribute a competitive advantage in the marketplace. If not, then it may be worth passing on.

Things about The Jetsons you only notice as an adult

For technologies that your company chooses to adopt, be sure to implement them through your IT team, so that you can curb security risks. Any technology innovation could inevitably result in job loss or detached relationships with other humans, for example. The Stone Ages, right? BGPv4 was standardized in and the first versions of multicast go back to Digging into security, the argument can be made that it is these very routing protocols that are contributing to the catastrophic damage inflicted by modern-day breaches.

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  4. With that IP address, he is now part of a flat routing table where the entire network could be discovered with minimal effort. So, what do we do?

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    The best approach is to bring the protocols that we use to design our networks up to date. Address the root cause of the issue. It was designed to make networks more flexible, more resilient and more secure. Nothing fades faster than the future, or at least our fanciful notions of what the future ought to be.

    And ''Jetsons: The Movie,'' a full-length animated version of the television show that was conceived by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera as ''the flip side of the Flintstones'' in Mr. Hanna's words , has faded quite a bit. The initial 24 ''Jetsons'' episodes have remained current on television for decades, and they continue to attract new generations of viewers, but the idea for the series now seems truly antique.

    Space age they may be, but the Jetsons are at heart a model mid's happy family. Despite such gadgets as at-home conveyor belts and a house that lifts its way out of the smog layer, the Jetsons' domestic life remains decidedly quaint. The film reintroduces George Jetson with the voice of George O'Hanlon as the only member of the family with a job; his wife, Jane Penny Singleton , as a typically demure and cheerful sitcom spouse; his boy-crazy teen-age daughter, Judy with voice by Tiffany, who sings a couple of sugary ballads , and his pesky son, Elroy Patric Zimmerman.

    Jetsons On The Move by Gave, Marc: Grosset & Dunlap Paperback - Days of Old Books

    There are also an attention-getting family dog, Astro Don Messick , and a wisecracking domestic robot Jean Vanderpyl. Life in the future, on the evidence of ''Jetsons: The Movie,'' will be fiercely conventional and several steps behind the life of today. The film concentrates on nuclear families, shopping malls and the problems of placating dear old Dad.

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    When his boss, Mr.

    Jetsons On The Move Jetsons On The Move
    Jetsons On The Move Jetsons On The Move
    Jetsons On The Move Jetsons On The Move
    Jetsons On The Move Jetsons On The Move
    Jetsons On The Move Jetsons On The Move
    Jetsons On The Move Jetsons On The Move
    Jetsons On The Move Jetsons On The Move
    Jetsons On The Move Jetsons On The Move

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