The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells

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If one of those giant goldfish had been taken out of the lake outside, and placed on the seat beside me, I at least would have found a colleague who might understand. I was waiting for an intriguing session at the end of the morning describing the effects of meditation on lowering blood pressure. I had. After two hours of rats adrenal glands, I couldnt wait. As the focus turned from rats to humans, however, the auditorium rapidly cleared. There were a few solitary souls dotted around the vast theater.

This time, women outnumbered men. The lecturer was an Indian trained physician who practised Yoga and meditation. As I listened to this learned man talk, I felt the relief and exhilaration my friend the fish would have felt if he were to be placed gently back into the water. As I began to appreciate our interconnectivity with other humans, and nature the Chinese would explain it as the macrocosm of the universe expressed in the microcosm of our bodies I also began to see the possibilities of blending this into an altogether better style of medicine.

Five years later I was to leave the constraints of orthodox general practice, to focus on a combination of Eastern and Western approaches to healing.

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I had two specialist friends contact me. Both were genuinely concerned. One said how sad it was that such a good doctor was leaving medicine. The other, alluding to my acupuncture, wondered how I would cope leaving a profession for a trade. But there were other seeds of awareness being planted early in my general practice career. Soon after I had started in Takapuna, Archie, a red faced Scottish man in his early sixties came to see me. The atmosphere in the consultation was decidedly frosty.

Despite my never meeting him before, he seemed cross with me. He was there to pick up his heart pills and have a general check up. I cant help feeling you are annoyed with me, even though I cant remember seeing you before. Have I done anything wrong? I asked nervously. After a long pause during which he appeared to be eyeing me up and down, he replied, its not you really.

Its your lot. He went on to recount that a year before, he had been admitted to hospital with chest pain and was kept in overnight. In the early hours, he had more severe pain and his heart stopped.

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  • The emergency team of. He was literally brought back from the dead. Surely this is a reason to be thankful for the skill and dedication of the doctors and nurses, I suggested. He then began to describe his near-death experience; how he was floating above his hospital bed, completely pain free, and care free. There was the white light, and the loving welcome from his parents who had died thirty years before.

    As well as that, every detail of his life compressed into a moments review that somehow managed to leave nothing out. It was a feeling of peace he had never experienced in life. And those buggers went and screwed it all up, he said angrily. Before I knew it I was back in my body with this excruciating pain in my chest, and two cracked ribs to boot! His anger was turning to sadness; his red face softened, and tears formed in his eyes. Im so sorry, he said, touching my hand, but this has been bottling up inside me for months. I couldnt tell them in hospital, or Hettie my wife.

    I do love her but how could I explain how nice this feeling was, while at the same time I was leaving her behind. We agreed to mull all this over for a few days, and to meet up again a week later. For my part, I went to the library and found similar reports of near-death experiences. One even involved a mother of two young children who had been resuscitated after a serious car crash. She had felt the same blissful peace Archie had described, only to later be wracked by guilt that she had been so ready to abandon them.

    These feelings had been later reconciled after a skilled counsellor had suggested she was not yet ready to move on that she truly had an important role here on earth. She ended up retaining some of the peace she had picked up in her near-death journey, with a comforting view that somehow death didnt represent the end of everything. It was then that I started to question our engrained views on death.

    Although I was yet to embrace the view that consciousness survived death, none of these first-hand accounts mentioned the haunting presence of a sinister grim reaper. In fact many of the reports I was reading were positively upbeat, leaving the person with an enhanced view of life valuing every new day like never before. I began to wonder whether our fear of dying was having a negative impact on how we were living.

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    And how as a doctor I was practising medicine. After all, many treatments revolved around evidence that patients would live longer if they complied with them; that their death would be delayed. I wrestled with all the paradoxes this argument uncovered. In many ways this book tracks my journey of discovery of this issue. I started to ask patients about their views of death, and found the vast majority relieved, and grateful to be asked.

    I found it easier to talk to patients than colleagues, and I wondered whether our conditioning as doctors was contributing to deaths taboo status. We had all spent our first two years of medical school studying and dissecting preserved dead bodies; in my own case I was barely 18 years old when first confronted by rows and rows of stiff grey cadavers lying on metal trolleys in the dissecting room. The overwhelming smell of formalin lingers to this day.

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    Over the years that followed, I began to seriously consider that our living bodies existed not simply as individual isolated structures, but as human antennas the transmitters and receivers of subtle energy or consciousness; a timeless, interconnected consciousness that somehow comprised the very foundation of our universe. One morning in I woke with a strange feeling. I felt truly awful; a heavy tiredness like nothing I had experienced before. Of course, there had been many times I had felt exhausted after a night on call, but an early night would then restore my energies.

    This was different. It hung around for several days. Id go to sleep with it, and wake up with it. Every muscle in my body seemed made of lead. It was as if a stiff wire coat hanger had somehow burrowed itself inside my shoulders with its hook skewering through the spinal cord of my neck up to the base of my skull. I had no idea what the cause of this was. The night call-roster at Auckland Hospital was kinder than I had experienced in English hospitals, and we were really enjoying our new life in Auckland.

    At the same time I developed an intensely itchy rash on my arms and legs, thick red patches the size of small coins. I showed it to a skin specialist friend who diagnosed discoid eczema, and prescribed a strong steroid cream and a soap substitute. I asked him about my awful feelings, but he looked blank. I was wary about doing blood tests; a doctor I had known in a hospital in England had felt tired and sent a sample of his blood to the hospital laboratory under the name of an imaginary patient, Frank Smith.

    He signed the request form himself. Later that day the pathologist phoned to say that his patient, Mr. Smith, had a very nasty advanced stage of leukaemia that was likely to prove fatal. So, tentatively I asked a friend to check my blood pressure, look at the blood vessels at the back of my eyes and to give me a general physical check up. He found nothing unusual, and a full set of blood tests also proved to be completely normal. I had no idea someone could feel this bad and have normal tests. These symptoms, with the accompanying extreme fatigue, were to last with me for the next twelve years.

    They were not there all the time; I would often go some weeks feeling completely well, only to relapse for no obvious reason. There seemed to be no pattern, although the symptoms were the most severe when I was in a state of jetlag visiting my family in England. During my early years in general practice, I would frequently return home after a mornings consultation to crash exhausted on my bed, much to the concern of my wife Trish.

    It was even worse for her. Nothing she could do or say seemed to make a difference. I carried on working in this state, unable to notice any pattern to the symptoms. I changed my diet several times, gave up coffee and visited a whole range of therapists: orthodox doctors, naturopaths, osteopaths and massage therapists. I took pills, herbs, had acupuncture, gave myself acupuncture and tried to meditate. I had all my mercury fillings removed. The closest I could get to a diagnosis was that I had a combination of chronic fatigue syndrome or ME myalgic encephalomyelitis , and fibromyalgia.

    In those days, many in my own profession did not think that this was a real diagnosis, so very few people knew how I felt. Certainly it was several years before I told patients about my suffering, only to find that it was to prove the single most effective way to help them. Even more confusingly, all these strange symptoms were occurring in me at a time when my own perceptions of the world were expanding. I was learning to think of energy in my work of the Chinese concepts of yin and yang balance in life and the life force qi.

    People were coming to see me feeling awful, but with normal tests. I began to notice that I shared several traits with these people. By and large we seemed to be sensitive souls, as if we were thin-skinned, indiscriminately absorbing into our bodies all that surrounded us.

    Our bodies had become clogged, and all our energies were being used up trying to cope with this. I began to reflect whether my empathy for patients was worsening the situation. Within a typical 15 minute consultation, I had to establish rapport, ask questions, examine and order tests and explain.

    In addition, I was often trying to apply a Chinese energetic diagnosis. The more interest I took, the more I would unravel. I wondered if I was also absorbing their pain, and whether some were draining me of my own life force. Many people were coming to see me with problems Western medicine could not fix; that doctors couldnt understand.

    My head was literally spinning all day. I noticed my breathing was shallow in my chest, and this contributed to tension and pain in my neck and shoulders. I probably was not absorbing enough oxygen in my body, and this was making my tiredness worse. The whole medical system seemed to exist in this state of constant rush and tension. How on earth could we begin to uncover the roots of ill health, if as doctors we were setting such a bad example ourselves?

    It is only now that I have gained some true perspective on these times. As I learned to assert myself within my practising life, and to achieve more balance in my life, my symptoms have gradually subsided. In those early days, I had tried constructing an imaginary protective wall around me, a rhinoceros hide to deflect noxious invading energies, but this never worked for me. In fact, this is the main reason we hyperventilate as we defiantly puff out our chests. We try to create a defensive plate of armour around our heart, only to end up breathing rapidly and shallowly.

    The answers, I was gradually to find over the next twenty years. I have mentioned that those of us who are thin-skinned human antennas. So we have to learn to say no politely and assertively. We have to learn to worry less, as our brains use up so much energy. And we need to build up our inner strength by using our special gift of being good absorbers. We must take in natures goodies, and discard what we dont need. And we must learn to love and respect ourselves. Early on, my symptoms were chaotic; devoid of meaning. But gradually, I was to learn that a knowing about myself was being cemented deep within me, and a knowing about others who suffered chronic debilitating ill health.

    I learned to recognize that I could feel the pain of others I was clairsentient and how important it was to learn to let this pain go. I was also beginning to understand that the very thing that was at the root of my suffering my open absorbent body was also a subtle and powerful healing tool. It was my own version of intuition, allowing me to tune in to others and myself.

    It has been said that on the uneven ground of human suffering, a seed is sown, takes root and begins to grow. I began to regard bodily symptoms as intuitive messages; messages to be listened to intently before any action was taken. But enlightening as all this was, I was also realizing how difficult it was to honor these insights within the constraints of a medical system built around quick consultations. It appeared I would have to make major changes to my working life if I was to feel fulfilled, and healed in a deep sense.

    I would have to leave the securities of recognized general practice for uncharted waters at a time when I had two young school-aged children. My wife Trish was wonderful. In many ways she had to endure all my pain and suffering and her support at this time was unflinching. She supported any move that would help my health, even if that meant risking our security. She wanted to see me happy. But my cautious, conservative, conditioned self needed some further persuading. After all, it was a rash fool that rushed in where a sensible angel feared to tread.

    I needed help with this decision. In New Zealand in the late eighties, a large number of doctors had learned acupuncture. Many were using it effectively, but only a few were keen to explore the philosophies behind Chinese medicine. Most doctors. They found it difficult to come to terms with the traditional Chinese view, based on Taoist principles, that the body is primarily energy, and that our organs, for instance our heart, liver and kidney, could also be linked with our emotions.

    Also hard to accept was the idea that an imbalance in one organ could affect another in ways foreign to our Western understanding. But a few of us were deeply intrigued. Some travelled to China; others read translated textbooks in great detail. Both these books struck a deep chord in me. Most of us were unable to leave our practices for three months to travel to China. Instead, we joined forces, and invited world experts in acupuncture to give small workshops on deeper aspects of Chinese medicine.

    In , we invited Dr. Anita Cignolini from Milan. Her workshop was very detailed but I remember being completely transfixed. It was all so familiar to me; a total confirmation of much I had observed in my work. I had observed how lung diseases could reflect repressed grief, how heart diseases could have their roots in blocked love and acceptance of self, and how over-thinking and worry could damage our immune system. I was also intrigued by the detailed descriptions of how weather could affect our health.

    Our bodies were affected by wind, cold and damp, sensitively responding to our environment in ways not explained by my medical training. Much of it repeated exactly my grandmothers wise words to me many years before. It was apparent that this model of health acknowledged a direct connection between nature and our bodies. But not only could weather have an effect on our bodies; so too could the emotional field of others. The positive and negative energy of other people could have a definite impact on our well-being.

    We were true transmitters and receivers of this energy human antennas. This book tells the story of my discoveries from this point. It explains the steps that I have taken, the signs I have followed, and the synchronicities I have acknowledged. Steps that have led me to a place of wonder; an appreciation that we are all unique, sacred beings reflecting the very consciousness of our universe. Moreover, it explains my continued quest of how best to translate this growing awareness, now shared by so many, into practical ways that facilitate a process of deep healing, so we can be totally fulfilled in this life.

    I lay on my bed at the end of the final day of Anitas workshop, exhausted but happy. Trish came into the bedroom and started to massage me gently. Closing my eyes, I drifted in to a blissful state of deep relaxation, my body so light it seemed to float. Everywhere Trish touched sparked off showers of multi-colored light, somehow flowing from deep inside me to the outermost reaches of the universe. Then in an instant all my bodys meridians lit up, all the connections inside and outside my body were displayed in perfect detail.

    I fell into a deep sleep. Over breakfast the next day, I talked it over with Trish. We decided to sell my general practice, sell our home and to move to a central location, so we could set up a home-based practice combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine. Three months later, we opened the door of our new home to our first patient.

    Extending my consultation times from 15 to 20 minutes may not sound dramatic, and for the way I practise now it is far too short, but for me in the early nineties this extra time was a godsend. What was to gradually unfold was a revelation. This chapter illustrates key personal experiences that have guided me towards a deeper understanding of a process that continues to gently envelope me.

    I have arranged them in a sequence that seems to make sense to people attending my workshops and talks. In reality these insights have been acquired in a rather random, haphazard way. My intent is to help the penny drop for you in a simpler, more orderly way than it did for me. My only request is that those of you whose hearts sink at the very mention of the word science stay with me a while, because I am not about to feed you a heavy main course of stodgy scientific laws followed by a dessert of endless unpalatable equations and formulae.

    Rather I am serving a sumptuous smorgasbord of symbols and space. This new science is rather fun. Doctors of medicine are not pure scientists. The drugs we prescribe have been developed by scientists, and have gone through a trial process where they have been shown to be statistically effective. At medical school we have studied the chemistry and the scientific workings the physiology of the body, but as if the body was an isolated structure somehow separated from the rest of the world.

    The art of medicine has. The prevailing model of health sees the doctor and patient as separate entities, two closed, isolated structures, with the former trying to figure out a way of altering the latters insides for his or her ultimate benefit. With this in mind, he has a number of tools available to penetrate his patient: pills through one end, suppositories through the other, hypodermic needles and scalpels through the skin.

    Another approach involves talking the problem through to see if there is anything patients can do themselves to alleviate their problem. Although this approach is encouraged by all academic colleges in general practice, most family doctors find they are too busy to do this effectively. Counsellors, psychologists and complementary practitioners have built their lives and practices around longer consultation times so they can listen empathetically to their clients in a peaceful, relaxed space.

    And it was this space that I was determined to develop in my practice. My aim was that the consultation served as a brief but meaningful retreat from the pressures in peoples lives, allowing a complete focus on their healing. The acupuncture I was giving was to be a two way process, with myself being in harmony with the person seeking my help. I was aware that it takes a certain amount of time for us to unwind during the day. Most deep meditation sessions are 20 minutes or longer.

    If I was to truly listen, and understand what changes were required to heal, I knew that this was the very minimum time we needed. Unlike the ships that pass in the night biomedical model, I became aware that it usually takes several minutes for two people to feel comfortable with each other, allowing each to share a common place of respect and trust.

    As we develop a friendly rapport, our bodies harmonize with each other; our shared body language is a telltale sign of this. Laughter can help seal this harmonic state, as we tune in to each others wavelength. As people were by-and-large coming to me on referral by another doctor, they had usually been fully investigated in a formal medical way, and I was free to start delving more deeply into their problems.

    I became conscious of how important it was for us to share this special place of harmony; but also I needed to protect myself from absorbing their pain. I was also becoming aware how, within this shared space, there was a real potential for the therapist to be dangerously controlling and disempowering. In a sense we were so close that a vulnerable subject could be at risk of being controlled. I somehow needed to step aside so the healing could be owned by the healee. As I was figuring out how on earth to do this, a book I was browsing through fell open at a page with an illustration dating back to The diagram illustrated the Four Steps of the Magnetic Blending of Minds; it was step four that commanded my attention.

    The Ordinary State. Seperate Personal Spheres The above represents the operator and subject beginning the magnetic process. The Psychological State. Partial Blending of Spheres The above condition is favorable to sympathetic and transitional phenomena. The Somnambulic State. Complete Blending of Spheres The above state brings out excursional, examining, and medical clairvoyance. The Superior Condition. Mental Spheres Separated The above state leads to independent clairvoyance and intuitional wisdom.

    Figure 1. As the operator somehow withdraws from the subject, shown here as separating magnetic field bubbles, a superior state of independent clairvoyance and intuitional wisdom is induced in the subject. Above this poor blindfolded lads head appears a curious halo of wavy lines, representing a connection to this source of wisdom. I was not a hypnotist; this is an art I have learned but decided not to practise because of my concerns just outlined regarding control.

    Also I was not about to blindfold all my patients! However I could instantly relate to the symbolism this sketch expressed. I continue to show this ancient picture to many people and have found that it truly paints a thousand words. It demonstrates not only a magnetic blending of minds, but also the vital stages of engagement in a healing encounter.

    Over the years I have tried to develop a deeper understanding of this process.

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    If I am to facilitate a profound state of self-healing in another person, I must follow certain steps: Allow a sharing of each others sacred space through the normal friendly greeting process. Foster within myself a true compassionate intent to promote healing.

    Detach myself from the outcome. One remarkable acupuncture point we were taught early in our training is right at the top of our heads known in China as Baihui; the Point of a Hundred Meetings. People frequently ask me to put in their antenna acupuncture needle , as it has a remarkable calming effect. I am often reminded of the star of an old TV series, called My Favorite Martian, who had two small antennas sticking out of his head, allowing contact with his home planet.

    A needle placed at this point is also the most likely to be mistakenly left in someone as they leave a busy acupuncturists rooms, especially if they have a fine head of bushy silver hair. In the early hours of one morning, I answered a distressed call from the wife of a stressed businessman I had seen the previous day. She had discovered a needle sticking out of the top his head and she dared not wake him.

    Somewhat embarrassed by my mistake, I reassured her that no harm had been done. Calming down, she then remarked that he had in fact been in a strangely wonderful mood all evening and had even volunteered to do the dishes. I told her how to remove it without waking him; she phoned me early the next day saying he awoke in his usual foul mood, and could I please tell her how to stick it back in. Many a time since, I have rushed out of my office and lovingly patted someones head, unable to remember whether I have extracted this needle or not. But it was not only this acupuncture point that had a remarkably soothing effect on people.

    Most would leave my rooms with a sense of inner calm, wherever the needles had been placed. One lady remarked that it was as if she was sitting under a willow beside a tranquil lake. Nature thrives on our planet because of a unique set of environmental factors. As a result of lightning strikes over the equatorial rain forests, our atmosphere is filled with just the right electromagnetic frequencies that allow growth and repair of our plant life.

    These are known as the Schumann resonances Hz , and they are as vital to all animal life as plant life. Acupuncture needles are made of either steel or copper, and are literally conducting wires. Our bodies conduct electricity too; we jump and recoil after receiving a nasty electrical shock. Electrocardiograph machines use this conductivity to detect electrical impulses conducted from our heart to electrodes on our wrists and ankles. Our living tissue, particularly our connective tissue, has the property of being a semi-conductor: a state somewhere between a conducting wire and the insulating earth.

    The Chinese meridians that appear on wall charts like an electrical grid map are now known to represent concentrated planes of connective tissue; part of an intricate network of branches that. These tiny branches end up inside every cell of the body. Because doctors have been trained to view the body as a mechanical object, we have come to regard our bodys connective tissue collagen is a component of this simply as a firm internal binding structure; unfortunately as we age this becomes weaker and we sag in embarrassing places.

    But it is far more than this; it is the very tissue that transmits these healing vibrations to every part of our body. An acupuncture needle acts as a conducting antenna for these Schumann resonances; the acupuncture points are like sockets near the surface of our body connecting to this semi-conducting electrical circuit within. The skill of the acupuncturist is to work out the best combination of sites to be used. Usually a treatment firstly involves placing one or two needles close to the area that needs treatment eg a sore foot , and then spreading some symmetrically around the body for an even absorption of these calming rays.

    Because every cell in our body is part of this network, some balance can occur even if the correct point is missed, but it is not ideal akin to the poor reception received by a television where the antenna is placed in the wrong spot. Performing acupuncture in a peaceful setting helped me appreciate the importance of this other dimension of being our electromagnetic selves.

    It helped me think not only of structure, but also of energy. But deeply fascinating though it was, and continues to be, it was to prove merely a stepping stone towards unearthing further mysteries. Although it helped explain why people felt peaceful and balanced after a treatment, I remained curious about how a few people seemed to have dramatic results from one or two treatments, while others took far longer. Then there was one young man whose watch stopped whenever I gave him acupuncture. One lady returned home in a state of bliss, and informed her family, I heard the angels sing.

    Later I was to ask her what precisely she had experienced; was she talking metaphorically? In fact, she explained, I heard nothing, but the metaphor of song best conveyed the experience. I felt a joyful harmony, a sense that I was resonating with the universe and. The joy lingered for an hour or two then faded. It came unasked and unexpectedly, as a blessing, but in that moment I was both the dancer and the dance.

    I seemed to be dealing with a phenomenon that defied logic, but I was beginning to learn that maybe in time, if I were patient, answers would begin to surface. The need to report and explain observations in a rational and scientific way was deeply imbedded in me. Although I was avidly reading enlightened authors who were exploring the margins of science, whose scholarly works both explained and forged links between art, science and spirituality, I felt the distance between the majority of my medical colleagues and myself widening.

    On one occasion, I was invited by a group of interested hospice workers to speak on the role of gentle acupuncture in the care of the dying. At the end of the talk, the specialist medical director of one of the hospices stood up and proclaimed; There is no role for acupuncture in a hospice. An embarrassed silence engulfed the room, but I felt strangely comfortable in its midst; I was already learning that it was not my role to battle conditioned dogma. Quite apart from my hard- earned awareness that the negativity of others could drain me of energy, I was finding that no amount of scientific evidence could persuade someone who was not ready to learn.

    The Baby in the Ear For many years, I had been treating people with acute neck and back pain by placing tiny needles in specific tender points on their ears. In many, the relief was so rapid after a single needle that it appeared instantaneous. I followed the map charted by the famous French doctor Paul Nogier, who had started to treat thousands of patients with this method in the s.

    Remarkably, all the information held by the body was being portrayed within the few square centimeters of a human ear. Figure 3. The Baby in the Ear The points are very specific, and are found by using a small blunt probe over the area of the ear that corresponds to the painful part of the body. The correct point, no bigger than a pinhead, is acutely tender. The electrical resistance of the skin is reduced at the precise point, so the acupuncturist may also use an electrical detector as a guide.

    Such was the simplicity and safety of this procedure that I had been using it every day in my practice. Not only was the method relieving a lot of suffering, it was also cutting thousands of dollars off the countrys annual drug bill. I was curious to research the science behind such a strange and wonderful healing technique, but for several years any logical explanation alluded me. Then one Saturday I attended an exhibition of holographic images in Auckland. These weird, ghost-like 3D images of everyday objects fascinated me.

    Beneath one of the displays a transparent apple was a detailed explanation of how a hologram came to be formed. Apparently a laser beam was first split into two, with one half rebounding off the apple and the other deflected by a mirror.

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    The two beams met up again and blended like ripples on a pond. This was recorded onto a special flat photographic plate. When another laser beam was shone on this plate, a three-dimensional matrix of the apple appeared on the other side. Somehow, human beings had discovered how to reduce a three-dimensional object into a two-. If this wasnt startling enough, the best was yet to come. A scientist, Dennis Gabor, had won a Nobel Prize in for discovering that if a tiny corner was cut from the plate, and subjected to another laser beam, the image of the whole apple appeared again.

    And if another small corner was cut from this sample, the same thing happened. And so on and so on. The penny began to drop. Here at the frontiers of science was a glimmer of an explanation for my observed effects of ear acupuncture. Here was proof that information conveying the three-dimensional form of a structure could be stored within the tiniest fragment of that structure. Of course this shouldnt have seemed so revolutionary we had known for fifty years that all our genetic information is encoded within microscopic strands of DNA.

    And that for centuries Chinese doctors have gained information about the whole body by observing its map on the surface of the tongue, and by gently palpating the character of the arterial pulse at the wrist. In the Auguries of Innocence William Blake invites us:. To see the world in a grain of sand And heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour.

    Somehow, one-and-a-half centuries before Dennis Gabors remarkable discovery, William Blake had decided we lived in a holographic universe, within a world of patterns whose origins existed beyond the reach of our five senses. Veering from the Prescribed Path Throughout the nineties, along with others in the Medical Acupuncture Society, I became increasingly involved in teaching acupuncture to doctors and physiotherapists.

    Our intimate group of friends, who had been so keen to explore the holistic basis of acupuncture in the eighties, had now become teachers of others. There was, by this time, vast experience within. I had worked for a short time in a hospital in Shanghai in We were invited to run a weekends introductory course in acupuncture for qualified doctors at the Auckland School of Medicine. We were excited at this opportunity to present our experiences to doctors curious to learn more about a growing trend in health care. We demonstrated points, persuaded them to have a go at needling the doctor sitting beside them, and introduced them to the science behind acupuncture.

    On the Sunday afternoon, our two most experienced and welltravelled doctors explained the art of Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis, with a balanced view of its relevance to their own practice of medicine. The audience found this fascinating, and there followed much hearty and healthy debate. We were delighted to receive a warm reception at the end of the course, and several doctors showed real interest in committing themselves to the several years of study and supervision needed to become a Registered Medical Acupuncturist.

    The following day I received a call from the medical school. The Dean had apparently heard that we had conducted a session on Chinese medicine, and was displeased. We were told that we could only use the premises again if we omitted references to unscientific Chinese Medicine. We had entered the era of scientific Evidence Based Medicine, and we were evidently basing our medicine well outside the prescribed patch. Two questions came to my mind: were the pioneers of the modern scientific model widely known as Newtonian science really so convinced we lived in a purely mechanical universe?

    And, how come the mechanical model of health was still so dominant? I remembered studying Newtons Laws of Gravity at school, with fond memories of dropping apples from the window of our second floor classroom to watch them smash satisfyingly on the asphalt playground below. I had even belonged to Newton House in my first school in London. So I decided it was high time I renewed my acquaintance with Sir Isaac; I was to find the experience enlightening.

    Just as the world was created from dark chaos through the bringing forth of the light and through the separation of the aery firmament and of the waters from the earth, so our work brings forth the beginning out of black chaos and its first matter through the separation of the elements and the illumination of matter. Alchemy is not simply the mystical process of extracting gold from base metals: it literally means, out of the darkness. So the one man most strongly attributed with setting the Western world on a course of mechanical materialism seems to have been as much aware of levity, as he was of gravity.

    Newtons Laws explained how we are all bound to this earth, and why the moon is bound to the earth in orbit as the earth is to the sun. Yet it appears that Sir Isaac knew that this was only part of the story.

    Everything is Connected -- Here's How: - Tom Chi - TEDxTaipei

    Fludd was a doctor, a philosopher and scholar whose seminal work had been based on the concept that the workings of our bodies somehow reflected those of the universe itself a unifying theory in line with Eastern Taoist thought as above, so below. In the 20th century, this understanding of the basic nature of our selves and our universe was rediscovered by physicist Dennis Gabor, who first demonstrated the nature of holograms, and neuroscientist Karl Pribham who then applied these principles to the nature of our human brain. Others influenced by Fludd were his friend Sir William Harvey, the physician who mapped the human circulatory system and Newtons contemporary, Sir Christopher Wren, the architect who designed St Pauls Cathedral and many other magnificent buildings within whose sturdy walls, and upon whose solid foundations, generations have continued to experience the divine.

    So when William Blake, the visionary poet, somewhat despairingly exclaimed in in a letter to his friend Thomas Butt: May God us keep,. Well never know whether Newton envisaged how great an influence his discoveries were to have on the history of the Western world. How they would help spawn the Age of Reason, the Industrial Revolution and a deep understanding of the mechanical workings of our bodies and our world. Their influence was to be to such an overwhelming extent that, by the end of the nineteenth century, many Western scientists confidently exclaimed that they had learned everything that could be learned about science.

    And then along came Albert Einstein. Fifteen generations after Newton, Einsteins Laws of Relativity added subjectivity to the laws of nature. He declared that just what we observe may depend on us, the observers, and that our mass, our physical being in fact all things , could be regarded equally as energy. Then, one single generation later, came the startling theories of quantum physics: Heisenbergs theory that all matter exists fundamentally as probabilities, only coming into existence when we observe it. And like light itself, all matter can also be viewed as wave forms.

    Thus the reality conveyed to us by our senses may only be part of the story. It is not surprising that even Einstein himself initially found this all rather too much. But what exactly are the implications of this new quantum awareness a state where, as Buddha was to declare, all is illusion?

    How, for instance, does it affect our understanding of life itself? But it is also important to remember that the mechanistic world of gravity is as real as it ever was for us it is responsible for our days, our nights and our months. It secures each and every one of us to our home, Mother Earth, allowing us to see the light by day, and reach for the stars at night. So maybe only now that we have been so thoroughly grounded, we are ready to share the true glory of Sir Isaac Newtons vivid alchemic vision the light emerging from the dark a state of levity from gravity.

    And I am beginning to suspect that if, as William Blake implied, Sir Isaac had fallen asleep, one of his eyes remained firmly open. At times, I am convinced it continues to watch over us. A Journey into Inner Space Our 50 trillion cells are made up of molecules; our molecules are made up of atoms.

    Each of us has 7 billion billion billion atoms in our body. About two thirds of these are hydrogen atoms. About 90 percent of all atoms in the universe are hydrogen atoms, but as yet no one has been able or patient enough to count them! The wonderful thing about a hydrogen atom, for those of us who struggle with math, is that it has no more than one of anything a nucleus of one proton being orbited by a tiny solitary electron.

    This wonder of modern medicine measures the way different concentrations of positively charged hydrogen protons in our body vibrate after being subjected to a very strong rotating magnetic field. I am about to use this simplest of all atoms as an example of how all atoms talk to each other.

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    Although atoms are incredibly tiny, they are in reality filled with a vast wasteland of space. To give some idea of proportions, if the central proton were the size of a tennis ball we would have to travel km outwards before we met our circulating electron. Even then we would have trouble catching it, as it has a tendency to flash in and out of existence. Luckily it flashes conveniently into view as soon as we look at it. It can be regarded as a ball-like particle if we want, but it prefers to be known as a wavy blur; it is aware we make it into a particle, rather than a blur of probabilities as we find bits easier to understand.

    However the really weird part is of course that we are actually talking about ourselves a huge bunch of atoms trying to look in the mirror at ourselves. Our electrons come from somewhere else. Because they are really wavy lines they come from bigger wavy lines known rather unimaginatively as superstrings. At this point in my talks, someone always asks where the superstrings come from.

    The Human Antenna

    Well I dont think we know, but I suspect it is the. It is humbling indeed to become aware that we are in essence, made up of vast amounts of nothingness; that it is consciousness rather than structured form that underlies all things and us. For three hundred years we have examined the workings of our body in more and more intricate detail, reducing our field of vision to smaller and smaller areas, only to discover that our inner space is remarkably like outer space.

    Just how atoms talk to each other was initially dismissed by scientists as being preposterous. Albert Einstein said it was spooky. But over the past thirty years the process of entanglement has become more and more accepted by the scientific community. So what is entanglement? As we observe an electron it settles into spinning around the atomic nucleus in one direction. It appears to choose its spin randomly.

    Entanglement occurs when a twin atoms electron instantaneously spins in the other direction i. I am careful to say here that one electron doesnt cause the other to spin in an opposite way, because that would imply a time delay. Entanglement happens instantly, together in unison outside our known dimension of time. Initially scientists were excited to see this phenomenon happening with two electrons in the same laboratory.

    Over recent years this instant effect has been tested over longer and longer distances, leading them to conclude that entanglement occurs not only outside our known understanding of time, but it is also independent of distance now referred to as a non-local event. This means entangled electrons can exist anywhere in the universe, and yet the entanglement happening is not weakened by distance. There are many who say that the sub-microscopic world of electron behaviour lends little support to the debate whether humans can communicate telepathically. Some would argue that at best it is a metaphor for events on a larger scale.

    However, alongside my learning about these fascinating scientific observations, I was becoming increasingly aware of spontaneous non-local happenings in my everyday working life. In the early nineties I was the medical director of the North Shore Hospice, Auckland, and became aware of how family members often needed to let go of their dying loved one to allow a peaceful transition. Often I had to talk to a relative either in another room, or make a phone call to their home, before the dying person could relax and die in peace.

    In some cases this appeared instantaneous. On one occasion, I talked by phone to Scotland to the sister of a dying patient, trying my best to guide her through this process. Her brother had been very restless for a number of hours, but was completely at peace as I returned to the room after I had made the call out of earshot. It appeared to me that this special form of instant communication came to the fore at the times people dropped their barriers when egos dissolved i.

    And it occurred by and large between people who were in close loving relationships. In fact I began to understand that these special connections travelled on the wings of love between a mother and her child, and of course between animal lovers and their pets. It is common knowledge that identical twins can often experience each others pain. This is one example of what is known as telesomatic communication. On one occasion, Anne, a woman in her later forties, came to see me in Auckland with a painful stiff neck that had come on suddenly the day before.

    Two hours after the onset of pain, she had received a phone call from her identical twin sister living in Brisbane, Australia, who told her she had been in an accident. Luckily there had been no serious injury, but she was developing pain in her neck from the whip-lashing movement of her head during the accident. Anne had already felt something was wrong, and had tried to contact her sister on her cell phone, only to get her answer message.

    Both sisters were developing pain in the same part of their neck, and another phone call to her sister that morning confirmed that their pains were worsening. I found the sore spot on Annes ear that corresponded to the painful area in her neck, and stuck a small acupuncture needle into it. Her pain was considerably relieved. A minute later, her phone rang. It was her sister in Brisbane, who told Anne excitedly that her own pain had. Anne then gave me a wink as she asked me whether I could split the medical bill between them! This experience could be classed as anecdotal, and would be unlikely to convince a hardened skeptic of the existence of telepathic communication.

    However, telesomatic experiences between identical twins are now becoming more accepted within the scientific community, with well-documented studies appearing in peer-reviewed journals. Over recent years, many patients have opened up to me about their own non-local experiences. I found Evas story particularly powerful:. Evas Story Eva had been particularly busy that evening her two small children were bathed and settled, the housework finished and at last she had some time to herself. Since moving to New Zealand from Romania four years previously, Eva had had little time to rest. A part time job, her children and now a distance-learning business course had given her little time to reflect on her new life.

    Her husband was working late that night. As she sat alone on the side of her bed, she became aware of a vision a strange feeling as real as the familiar surroundings of her comfortable bedroom. To describe it makes the episode sound sinister, but Eva felt a wonderful calmness come over her. This was surprising as the vision was of a fatal car crash all played out in slow motion; and then, a feeling she could only describe as absolute love as if a warm blanket of deep compassion surrounded her while the vision changed into a beautiful luminescent orb of bright blue light.

    Slowly the experience faded, leaving Eva in a rather confused, mixed-up state; she started to panic, fearing her husband might have been involved in an accident. She phoned him immediately it was She pleaded with him to drive carefully, and was overjoyed to hear the garage door open. She found it difficult to explain the sensations to her husband, who did his best to console her, reassuring her that everyone was safe. That morning, the warm loving blanket returned and Eva was conscious of a sensation like a guiding hand on her left shoulder.

    Later that afternoon came the news that both her parents had been killed in a car crash in Romania at 5 am New Zealand time. Another piece of the jigsaw, and it is a particularly large piece, has been put firmly in place by the British evolutionary biologist Rupert. Sheldrake talks of morphic fields invisible fields of information that are fundamental to all living matter. As in our entanglement scenario these fields exist in a dimension apart from our known concepts of space and time.

    According to the theory of morphic resonance, the fields are the reason why flocks of birds fly and turn in perfect unison, why hundreds of fish within a massive shoal turn together spontaneously. His theories extend to explaining both human and animal behaviour patterns, with these fields having their presence in the past, present and future. He hypothesizes that they form the very template or matrix upon which our physical bodies are formed. Rupert Sheldrake is a leading light in the field of non-material sciences.

    His work is viewed as controversial by many scientists, but for me it continues to be truly inspirational. The Mystery of the Caduceus I have grown up with the caduceus. The staff supporting a curled snake was part of the emblem on my fathers Royal Army Medical Corps brass badge. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. In this inspirational audio, Louise Hay brings you power thoughts and explains how each can make your life more productive and positive. Need help downloading? Click here. Take the Assessment. Home The Human Antenna. The Human Antenna.

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    The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells
    The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells
    The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells
    The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells
    The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells
    The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells
    The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells

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