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It's amazing what music can do. I love that I, and everything and everyone around me, are made of stardust.

Thank you for giving this to me in auditory form! Makes me feel way less anxious because I love having some kind of background noise! It has many collections of sounds.

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I clicked this website whenever I need to relax, listen to soothing sounds. I just adore space-like atmospheres. I'm asperger autistic and rather restless, so I absolutely appreciate it to loose my sense of time for a bit, stop thinking about everything at once. Especially to sleep, I use this site to imagine the scenery rather than jumping from thought to thought like usual.

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A very big thank you to the creator to make this possible for everyone. I'm so thankful that this site exists, before I found this site I would have to blast music through my headphones just to drown out everyday noises which became very exhausting. Now I can actually relax and even sleep for a change. It is like remembering having been to space, working in a mine in some Jupiter moon, like I can really see myself there even though it has never happened.

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This noise, coupled with Saturn Rings, is the best thing to happen to me since lo-fi hip-hop. Chilling space ambience does wonders to my workflow and doesn't make my head feel like a furnace even after having the sound on for several hours staight. Thanks Dr. Pigeon, you should do more space theme ones. These are amazing and extremely calming when I am with my grumpy gram-pa who won't turn off his radio in Russia. This is one of my favorite generators. The low tones blend together really well and help me keep my brain on track when I'm writing essays.

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Engines work quietly beneath my feet and nebulae float past the window. It sounds like I'm really in space! It's so amazingly beautiful. It makes me think of ancient space technology. It's very soothing. I love how I can just melt peacefully away. I feel like just drifting away, enveloped in the stars. I feel like my inner quarrels are calmed for once. Watching the beautiful worlds pass by me as I drift, I feel tranquility that could last forever. Secret of how it all began. It's strangely moving and focusing. Like the background hum of the universe. It's like admire the universe at the time when the first stars were created.

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Such an amazing experience! It's like your place isn't here, but is among the stars. It feels like it's talking in another language, almost.

What is Stardust made of?

Like if I concentrated on it hard enough, I could understand it. What am I? Who am I? I'm confused but euphoric. I love this. Perfect for going to sleep. Extremely calming for when I need to write. As starkin, this is the greatest thing I could have stumbled upon. Then, I layered on some spacecraft chatter with the Numbers Station generator, and ended up with some of the best ambient cosmic sound I could ever ask for. When combined with Yakutian voices and Himalayan voices on low volume, it creates a new world just in one sound.

With earphones on, it takes you to another world! So glad that I found this. It calms my nerves and helps me focus more than anything I've ever tried. I'm so glad I came across this. Just perfect for gently drifting of to sleep.

What is stardust made of? A life explosion

Forgot password? STARDUST owes its special magic not least to a material that uniquely unites a wonderfully soft feel and a shimmering look: the pile consists of pure viscose, lending the individual carpets a particularly brilliant impression. Every customer can choose their favourite colour from a rich palette of 42 different shades. The relevant intermediate colours of the desired hues are determined with much finesse in a specially developed process and joined to form a coherent overall progression.


Discover awards to "Stardust". The vivid pattern boasts a virtual explosion of expressive colours, which take on an extraordinary luminosity due to the subtly nuanced shades. Due to the subtle graduation of the intermediate colours, which almost have a watercolour-like quality, the transitions are wonderfully fluid and thus create a harmonious appearance.

The pile of varying height ensures even more expression in the darker portions where it is visibly and tangibly kept shorter. TRACE impresses with its laid-back look and skilfully minimised colouration. The superimposed lattice structures merge to give the hint of a pattern, while the airily cloudy appearance serves as a distinctive accent in both modern and classic interiors. Its distinctive zigzag pattern loses its austerity due to the alternating matt-gloss effect of the carpet pile and, depending upon the incidence of light, appears to melt into the distinctly calm background.

The coloured portions have been composed with a light touch and are reminiscent of the outlines of trees projected onto the surface of the sea by the sun, which begin to blur in the dancing waves. The striking design, whose nested elements are reminiscent of brightly lit urban jungles, holds its own against strong colours and fits perfectly with modern interiors, due to its austere geometrical pattern.

SCREEN is characterised by a remarkably multi-layered pattern, the basis of which forms a subtly shaded colour gradient. Moreover, multiple layers of point-like grid patterns have been combined to recreate the typical pixel structure of a computer monitor. Your browser is not supported This may lead to limited functionality.

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